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We grow the plants we would want in our own homes. Orchids inspire awe. They’re simple and elegant. Our growers carefully attend to each orchid’s health, vigor and flowering cycle for optimal quality and longevity.

Phalaenopsis  Simple, Yet Stunning

Elegant, graceful and exceptionally long-lasting blooms

Phalaenopsis (fayl-eh-NOP-sis) or “moth orchids” are known for elegant stems and durable blooms resembling moths. They are available year-round in a stunning variety of colors and patterns. These top-selling flowers are delicate in appearance but thrive at home.

Sourced from breeders in the Netherlands, phalaenopsis arrive at Westerlay as babies and are nurtured in the greenhouse for over a year.

Lush Cymbidiums – Indoors … outdoors … everywhere

Large and colorful orchids, lush cymbidiums (sym-BID-ee-em) in bloom make a powerful impact indoors and often outdoors.

Our hardy plants originate as tissue culture principally from breeders in Japan and Australia, take up to three years to mature and continue to flourish with our mix of bark, peat moss, and pumice in large containers.

The Gemstone Collection – Living Jewels for your Home or Office

Dazzling hues ranging from Sapphire to Pink Diamond.

Make a bold statement with the new Gemstone Collection. Our brilliant, color-infused orchids add an eye-catching touch to any interior décor for two to three months. Gemstones come is six colors – Blue Sapphire, Black Sapphire, Lilac Amethyst, Emerald, Coral Topaz and Pink Diamond.
W use a patented, licensed process to infuse white and purple phalaenopsis orchids with a non-toxic medium. Over time, the color enhancement will be absorbed and the plants will rebloom their natural color.

Darling Orchids: Our “Darlings”

Add accents to small spaces. Darlings are miniature phalaenopsis.

For the perfect gift and to add a subtle effect to your home, our “Darlings” make the ideal floral accent for a kitchen counter, side table or window ledge. They are just the right size to cheer up any room.

Our Darlings are available year-round and bloom for two or more months. We plant them in small containers with sphagnum moss.

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