• Social
    For us, sustainability means more than just preserving the natural environment; it also means upholding the safest environment for our employees and customers.
  • Environmental
    From the mountains to the marshes to the ocean, we feel a responsibility to protect the beautiful natural environment that we are surrounded by.
  • Resource
    We monitor our use of water, energy, and other natural resources in our greenhouses for maximum efficiency, and we remain committed to recycling efforts and minimizing agricultural chemicals.

We are fortunate to work in one of our country’s beautiful places, the Santa Barbara coast. We feel a special responsibility to guard this environment and minimize our impact.

Environmental Impact and MPS

We work hard to minimize our impact utilizing best practices and technology. Sustainability_graphic

We benchmark ourselves against thousands of other horticultural companies worldwide.  This allows us to compare fertilizer, water, fossil fuel, and pesticide use to our peers.  In the subset of orchid growers, we are graded at the head of the class for all categories and have achieved an ‘A’ in 2012 and 2013. To find out more about MPS, please go to

Green Technology

In order to achieve this low impact, we have invested in new, effective technologies.
A few of these are:

Predatory InsectsPredatory Insects

Syngenta Bioline Predatory Insects
Instead of pesticides, we introduce naturally occurring predators to keep the pest population in check, making for a cleaner environment and a healthier plant.

Climate ComputersClimate Computers

Priva Climate ComputersPriva_Climate_Sensor
Keeping a tight rein on our greenhouse climate results in healthier plants and reduces inputs of pesticides, water and fossil fuels.

CO2 Capture TechnologyCO2 Capture Technology

Vitotherm CO2 Capture TechnologyCO2_capture_technology_meter
‘Waste’ exhaust from our boilers is captured, cooled and injected into the greenhouse as pure CO2. This increases photosynthesis by 10-15% spurring plant growth and re-capturing carbon in the plant itself to reduce environmental impact.

Energy CurtainsEnergy Curtains

Westerlay Energy Curtain
Svensson Energy
Automated curtains have been installed in our greenhouses to retain heat at night and to minimize natural gas use.

High Efficiency Sprinkler and Drip IrrigationHigh Efficiency Sprinkler and Drip Irrigation

High efficiency sprinkler and drip irrigation ensures minimal water usage.

Automation EquipmentAutomation Equipment

Automation equipment from Van Zaal, Javo, System USA, and Trade & Service of CA maximizes productivity leading to fewer inputs per plant and provides a safer, more comfortable work environment for our employees.